Explore your work habits.

Participate in the Habilyzer study and gain rich insights into your everyday experiences and habits at work. Find out what workplace vitality means to you with the Habilyzer toolkit. We bring you a set of modular sensor devices that you can play around with to become the explorer of your workplace. 


Habilyzer is part of a design-research study into the use of self-tracking tools. Created by Roy van den Heuvel & Tjeu van Bussel.

Office Explorer

Track your work with our Habilyzer.

The Habilyzer toolkit comes with four different wireless sensors for you to explore with. You’ll get a Sound Sensor, Movement Sensor, Distance Sensor and a Pressure Sensor. You can place them on walls, tables or on your chair, we offer a variety of fixators for you to try. If used wirelessly, the sensors have a 2-day battery life and can be charged via the base unit.

data empowers

Investigate. Collaborate.

Find interesting patterns in your daily work routine, or join up with colleagues to discover more about your shared office environment. Investigate causes of noise, look into how many people walk by your office or explore restlessness by sensing your sitting behaviors throughout the day. Use the data visualisations and annotations to become the explorer of your daily work experience.

Take charge in creating a healthy workplace

A curious community to redesign your workplace.

Participating in design research studies with us enables your organisation to gain rich insights into how the workplace can be improved. Ranging from improvements on how people collaborate to novel idea’s on how you can increase vitality at work. Work with us to become active explorers of the everday work experience.