Participate in the Habilyzer Experiment

Are you interested in empowering office workers to explore their own workplace? Want to gain insights into what makes a healthy work environment? Join the Habilyzer experiments, where we use sensors and data to make sense of our work experience.

Contact Roy van den Heuvel if you want to join or simply want more information!

Study Setup

What you get

The Habilyzer Study consists of two main parts:

Part 1. Keeping a logbook. 
For 2 weeks, we ask participants to keep a logbook on which metrics they are interested in and what moments they want to measure something about. Everyone can participate.
We close Part 1 with a 30 minute 1-on-1 interview with participants.

Part 2. Working with the Habilyzer Toolkit.
For 4 weeks, we ask a group of participants to use the Habilyzer toolkit to track their work habits and workplace experience. The researchers will be in weekly contact and Part 2 closes with a 30-minute 1-on-1 exit interview with participants. A max. of 5 Habilyzer toolkits can be used.

Part 3. We share the insights from the study with you.

Participating in the Habilyzer Experiments costs a bit of time. For every Participant we estimate about ~2 hours of time on interviews, onboarding and toolkit instruction.

We would like to offer participating companies something in return.

1. We share the rich insights derived from the research and together find opportunities for workplace innovation, collaboration and vitality.

2. We can offer a Design Thinking course for employees for them to start investigating and designing their healthy office environments.

3. We can offer a modest compensation in the form of a nice gift to participants.