The Habilyzer Toolkit

The Habilyzer sensor toolkit consists of a base display and four wirelessly connected sensors. Sensors can be placed everywhere participants want, within a range of ~15m. They need to be charged every two days, or can be permanently connected with the supplied cables. The display shows the collected sensor data, such as sound levels, movement, presence or touch. You can place Habilyzer at your desk, or put it near a shared space such as the pantry or cantine. 

Habilyzer Sensors

The Habilyzer Toolkit has four different, wireless sensor modules. 

1. Pressure Sensor. This fabric pad senses the pressure of things that are placed on top of it. Whether you sit on it, or place your coffee mug on it, it will sense rough pressure levels.

2. Sound Sensor. This sensor measure volume, not actual audio. It cannot record speech or other recognizable audio. Only decibel levels. 

3. Movement Sensor. This measures overall movement and direction. Ideal for sensing how you move your chair or maybe the office dog?

4. Distance Sensor. This sensor measures the distance between the sensor and another object. You can use it as a presence detector, or detect how high you’ve set your sit-to-stand desk. 

Privacy & Data Protection

As researchers working with data, sensors and interactive systems we place strict requirements on how we deal with data. Especially in a work-context, we place stringent restrictions to who can acces data and system usage. We adhere to the following rules:

1. NO data is shared with the participating company. 

2. ONLY researchers, besides the user, can access the sensor data.

3. Habilyzer does NOT collect personal identifiable information.

4. Study results (e.g. interview output) are irreversibly anonymized and only shared when the source cannot be identified. 


You can find more details in our Privacy Policy (uploaded soon)